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60 vege capsules:

A unique herbal combination food supplement designed to support women before, during and after difficult monthly cycles, as well as during the menopause.

It contains a specially formulated blend of most of the well-known women's herbs (including red clover, pfaffia, wild yam and sage leaf), as well as nutrients which support natural balance in the body and a feeling of vitality and well-being (such as Siberian ginseng, soya isoflavones, vitamin B6 and zinc citrate).

MENOstage does not contain hormones, such as those found in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs. This gentle and completely natural helper contains 13 active herbal ingredients which make it a favourite amongst our female customers.

Pffafia, for example, one of the key ingredients in MENOstage (and also known as Brazilian Ginseng, Suma and Paratudo, which means "for all" or "for everything" in Portuguese) has been known to Amazon Indians for thousands of years and extensively studied by American and Japanese scientists - it is very popular with women going through the menopause in these countries.

More about the menopause and monthly cycles...

For many women, it is not the fear of (for example) osteoporosis or heart disease that is most concerning about the menopause, but rather how to cope with what can be the debilitating symptoms that affect their daily lives as a result - most commonly hot flashes, tiredness, headaches, irritability, insomnia and even depression.

The menopause years can therefore often be a difficult time for women, as they can experience a combination of any of these unpleasant symptoms. The traditional remedy prescribed by doctors has been HRT, but that is now being actively discouraged on a wide scale owing to the increased risk of serious health conditions.

Younger women can also experience hormonal imbalances, which can result in difficult or irregular monthly cycles, as well as the emotional and physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) / premenstrual tension (PMT).

As such, many younger and older women alike seek out a natural approach for ongoing health support, including:

  • Exercise: According to a study conducted by Lund University of Swedish women, the more vigorous physical exercise undertaken by women, the less likely they are to suffer from hot flushes.

  • DietNutrient-intake is particularly important during the menopause years and for hormonal balance generally. Essential fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, can provide important support in this respect. Similarly, blood sugar levels have a key role to play - recent research at the University of Texas at Austin has proven that if you have 'disglycemia' (unstable blood sugar levels), you are more likely to experience fatigue, irritability, depression and hot flushes. One of the best ways to control this is to eat low-glycemic-load carbohydrates with protein.

  • Natural vitamins and supplementsVitamins C and E, soya, isoflavones, red clover, black cohosh, St John's wort and dong quai are just some of the many natural remedies that have undergone studies for their potential effects on menopause symptoms. A combination of these herbs and nutrients, along with appropriate diet and lifestyle changes, may provide useful support to women during the menopause or during irregular monthly cycles.

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