COL-Clear A version 2
100 capsules:A high-strength herbal colon cleanse product with a tailored combination of rhubarb, ba..
COL-Clear B version 2
100 capsules:A high-strength colon cleanse product with cascara bark and 8 other active herbs - alfa..
Dietary Fibre Complex
100 capsules:A multi-fibre nutritional formula in capsules, derived from a unique combination of psy..
Fibre & Full
180g powder: Colon dietary fibre complexFibre & Full - colon dietary fibre, plus weight manageme..
Gut-Buddies - Infantis complex (probiotic powder)
30x 1g powder sachets:A tastless probiotic powder, suitable for babies, toddlers and children. It co..
30 vege capsules:A high-strength Saccharomyces boulardii yeast probiotic (with 5 billion o..
Multi-Flora ProBio - multi-strain probiotic
30 vege capsules:An 8 strain probiotic with 4 billion live friendly bacteria per capsule, ..
Nat-Lax TNT - high-strength colon cleanser
90 vege capsules: A fast-acting herbal coloncleanser that supportslower bowel functio..
Oxy-Klenz - magnesium colon support
100 vege capsules:A herb-free 'oxygenated' colon cleanser with food grade magnesium (oxide and perox..
ProBiotic MAX - high-strength probiotic supplement
30 vege capsules:An 8 strain probiotic with a massive 20 billion live friendly bacteria pe..
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